An Amazing Gift!

An Amazing Gift!

Day 15 of 365 Days of Me:

I went to school today and my teacher informed my mom that I had a great day. When I got home, I was cranky because I was hungry. Luckily, my mom cooks dinner early so I can eat. She helped me eat and gave me my sippy cup because I was also thirsty. After I ate, I was smiling so my mom placed a hat on me and took my picture. She has begun to plan my graduation party which will take place in May and the very nice young lady at the venue where my party will be, gave my mom some things for me. One of these things was this cute hat!

My mom had been trying to figure out if she should host my party at home or at an event venue. The more she thought about it, the more she believed it would be better to have it at a venue. If she hosted at home, I would most likely just hide in the bedroom and I wouldn’t be a part of my own party. She and my dad want to celebrate all my hard work. I’ve been a part of our school system since I was 6 months old. I received Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), attended the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities (PPCD), LIFE Skills in elementary school, junior high and now high school. I have had a long journey.

When my mom told the caterer, who works with the venue, about me and my story she was so touched and inspired, she very generously told my mom that she wanted to give me my graduation party menu as a gift.

My mom and dad are SO GRATEFUL for such a loving person and this AMAZING gift!

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