An aspiring musician!!!!

By: Talia

Hi everyone! This is Talia Grossman here. I am an apsiring musician from the town of Ridgewood, New Jersey. I love the movie Grease and my favorite character from Grease is Sandy! I actually played Sandy in Grease the musical at my hometown’s high school “The Little Theatre” with the volunteers and students for sharing the arts. My best friend Katie Sheehy played Frenchy and her volunteer is Brooke Aucherbach (about to be a sophomore at RHS). My volunteers are Julia Mangstralo and Maddie Grbic (they are about to be seniors at RHS). My neighbor Charlotte Meier played Marty and her volunteer Grace Mabli (who just graduated from RHS). My friend Elena played Patty and her volunteer was Amanda Perez (who just graduated from RHS). My friend Wendy played Summer and her volunteers were Lauren McCandless and Chloe McCandless (they are sisters and they are going to be juniors in high school).

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