An Introduction

Hello! My name is Rebecca. I’m 24 and live in Michigan. I have a genetic condition called Escobar Syndrome.  This means I have limited range of motion in all of my joints. I can’t straighten my fingers,elbows and knees. I also have scoliosis which has caused a lot of breathing issues. I use a machine called a Trilogy ventilator at night which helps my lungs rest so they can do their best during the day. I used to need supplemental oxygen during the day but for the past few years I’ve been doing well without it. :) I have hearing aids and glasses too.  I use a powerchair most of the time because I get tired pretty quickly when walking. I can walk short distances and have been trying to get stronger though.  My chair is pretty cool- it can elevate which makes shopping much easier! It also has headlights and taillights. :)

In May 2013 I graduated with my Masters degree in Social Work from The University of Michigan.  I studied Community Organizing in Health. It was pretty interesting.  In undergrad I studied Communications.

I’m super excited to be blogging, please feel free to send in questions! Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what to blog about, so questions are definitely helpful. :)

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