An Update

By: Grace

Hello everyone
I just want to update you on what I have been doing.

This summer I got to be a part a company’s work with virtual reality.  They created a virtual reality of the Union Terminal passenger concourse from WWII time period.  I got to test it out and then they shared it at an unconference and I got to show people how it works and tell them about the history of that time.  I love local history.  Now there is a big gala coming up in November and I am going to it.  It is my first black tie event. I will have to get a fancy dress.  The head of the museum said that they wanted me there with the virtual reality exhibit because she said I am their “local history ambassador.”  Isn’t that cool.

I am still working on my one woman show about the women’s suffrage movement and women’s and girls’ rights.  I have written the two acts and now I am working on memorizing the lines.  It will be sometime in the Spring.

Did i tell you my brother is studying in Scotland?  I want to visit him and also visit all the Harry Potter sites.


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