By: Aine

I feel it only sometimes during the day. If my routine is changed I feel it. If something goes wrong I feel it. If during the day something bad happens I feel it. On a crowded bus I feel it and train. Or even when I am at live concert I feel it. But getting better with my social skills now so don’t feel Anxiety when I’m around people. I use to but not anymore and I think I owe it to the bowling community for my social skills. Since doing public speaking and working with the yeep group my Anxiety has calmed down. I only have to work on 1 thing now. Its when I am under pressure like in a competition or a tough environment. Anxiety will eat you up if you let it. Dont let it take over your life. We are much stronger then that

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  1. Liz February 22, 2021 at 2:06 pm - Reply

    Hi Aine,

    Thanks so much for talking about anxiety. My children have all experienced anxiety and social anxiety through the years, so I am so curious about all the various mechanisms for dealing with anxiety.

    You talk about Public Speaking. Did you take a public speaking class? Were you involved in a social skills group?

    Looking back over the years, what coping mechanisms did you use? And what do you think worked best?


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