Apartment Search

The last few days have been so stressful. Basically, I have two group projects that are pretty brutal. One is because of poor planning on the professor’s part, and the other is because of group member conflicts. So, in an effort to accomplish other tasks and have some fun my mom suggested I call a few different apartment places to ask about accessibility and summer lease options. What I’d like to do is sublet or sign a three month summer lease in Ann Arbor so I can spend time looking for jobs and seeing what it’s like during the summer before committing to a full 12 month lease. I was able to find out some pretty good information. I actually went with my mom to look at a place that’s between Ann Arbor and Dearborn that’s supposedly had a shuttle to Ann Arbor. The place was really nice and had some attractive income-based rent discounts but the “shuttle” was pretty limited. I wouldn’t have the flexibility to go out to eat after work or socialize because of the times that it goes back to the apartment complex. Another bummer is that I wasn’t able to see an accessible unit. The show unit was very nice, but some areas were a little tight. I’d want to see the accessible unit before reserving it and signing a lease, but I couldn’t do that until it actually became available. So, for now we are holding off on considering that option. Maybe down the road, but we’ll see.

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