April, 2024

By: Portia

Hello Everyone! I hope April treated you guys well. Here is my monthly blog!

I found a new artist I really like: Wasia Project. I recommend taking a listen! They are opening for an artist called Laufey, who I am seeing May 4th! I’m very excited!

I also have great news; I got into my school’s National Honors Society. I attempted to join last year, but sadly I did not get it. However, I did this year!

I went in this really fun trip with my friends and school to a place in NJ called, “Duke Farms”. It was beautiful. There were statues and gardens and paths. Everything was gorgeous.

AP Exams start next month. I am NOT excited. I have an AP Lang test to take. I am holding on for Memorial Break. Summer feels right around the corner.


See you next month!

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