April Blog

April Blog

For easter I went to visit my grandma in Rochester, NY with my mom, dad and brother Jake. She lives in a senior community. She is 89 years old! We met up with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for dinner Friday night and had a great time.

After dinner we went bak to my grandma’s place with everyone. While we were hanging out in the sitting area, one of the older residents came in the room and was picking up fuzzies off the floor. She gave me and my cousin a rubber band then she went over to the couch where my mom and grandma were sitting. She sat down right in between my mom and grandma and fell into my mom’s side. We did not know this lady. We were all laughing so hard, the expression of surprise on my grandmas’s face was priceless! My mom took a selfie with the lady . She seemed pretty happy.

Friday we went to my favorite grocery store, Wegmans. It has everything! I bought a lego and a toy. Then we all went to the George Eastman house. He was the owner of the company Eastman Kodak – the camera and film company. This is a picture of my brother and me with George Eastman.

Of course he is no longer alive, it was a cardboard cutout!
My grandma’s aunt was a cook for Mr. Eastman. Of course I had to visit the gift shop and bought a few things. That night we had our Easter dinner at an Italian restaurant with my family, grandma, aunt, uncle and 2 of my cousins. I had a coke and lemon ice. The lemon ice was so good I ate the whole thing! After dinner we went back to the hotel and played poker. I didn’t do very well but we had a fun time.

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  1. Charlotte July 13, 2019 at 3:30 pm - Reply

    That sounds like such a fun trip! I LOVE Wegmans! It really does have everything! I go there all the time in college!

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