By: Morgan

April was a busy month.

I’ve read a lot of articles, the mighty feeds my soul.  I’ve been listening to the Goop podcast. Netflix show selling sunset is a binge watch in my book.  I’ve been eating lots of garlic, drinking tea, loving the vanilla cream from a local shop called The Whistling Kettle. ALSO, ginger ale, its a security blanket for my throat since I talk a lot.

Hated that I had the flu over Easter, hence being MIA for a while – working on some secret stuff too. I dread when I hurt myself because my safety is mirrored and tortured by involuntary spasms.

I have been wanting peace. I am dreaming of some type of surprise. I’ve been planning lots of travel and improving my love for food, spices in general.

I have been giving myself time to experience things and try them too.

I also celebrated a ton of friends birthdays in the month of April.

What are you loving?

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