August Blog

By: Eli

August Blog
Picture from the first football game
My senior year of high school has started! If you were wondering, here’s my schedule for this semester.
1st period- AP 2D Art
2nd period- Math 4 Honors
3rd  period- Civics Honors (Semester Long)
4th period- AP Lit (Online)
5th and 6th period- College Enhanced Business classes (Semester Long)

School & Concussion

Our school doesn’t have block schedules so our classes are 55 minutes long. My AP Lit class started Aug. 22 and my college classes start in October. Our school offers something called “flex”. This is when you can leave early or come in late if you have permission from your parent and you have online classes in a row. Since my college classes start in 4th period. I get to leave school at 11:30am. I originally had AP lit last period and in person, but since I have a concussion, I have to follow the half a day protocol. I also don’t have to take tests so it’s kinda nice not having to worry about it. I’ve also started to see a neurologist monthly.
Cheerleading football season has already started. I’m still not cleared to do anything so I watch and sit during the games. Since I am writing this mid September, I’ll foreshadow that my concussion does get better. I became one of the Senior Captains on our team, I was kind of expecting since I was the Junior Captain last year. Our football team won their first football game however, we are not that good. People come to our home football games for the cheerleaders and our band.
Senior Powderpuff
I’ve signed up to coach powderpuff cheerleading and this year would be my 3rd time doing so. If you don’t know, powderpuff is when the boys and the girls switch roles in football. The girls play tag football and the guys do cheerleading. It’s very fun and always so entertaining. The girls practice for the football game and the boys learn a cheer routine to preform at half time. So far the seniors have the most cheerleaders signed up, we have 10. Two other coaches signed up, but I know that they don’t do anything. They sign up just so they can say they do, but I’m glad I’m doing everything since I’m the one with the experience and ideas.
So far that is what majority of the time is happened in August. I’ll see you next month for a new blog!!

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