Back to my program!

By: Grace

Hi all,

I am back.  My program started after the New Year.  The university it is in wasn’t open yet so it was really, really cold in the building.  We were there for two days.  On the third day we were going to go out bowling, but our program was cancelled because of the really low temperatures. Even today was cancelled because of an ice storm.  I am glad. I didn’t want to go back.  There is a teacher who always embarrassed me. Sometimes I feel like I don’t do anything right and that someone is always correcting me.  It is worse when she involves other students.  Like she did last week.  AAAAARRRRGGG.

Last week was our church choir party.  I didn’t want to go but it turned out to be fun. I am on a break from horseback riding right now.  I want to go back to it soon.

I have done two auditions in the last few months.  One was an open audition in November called Meals 4 Monologues.  If you bring in 4 canned goods, the casting director at the Ensemble Theater will hear you perform two monologues.  Then she keeps notes on you and everything. I had to bring in a resume and a head shot.  I used my senior portrait for my headshot. It is my favorite and it is taken by my personal famous photographer.  Then I went to an open casting call for people with disabilities. It was the same theater and the same casting director.  This casting call happened all over the United States.  The arts are trying to do a better job about including people with disabilities. Isn’t that good?

Thats all for now.


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  1. pearls2017 January 8, 2018 at 11:16 pm - Reply

    Hey Grace: Don’t you worry about that teacher… Always remember that you ROCK!!! The Open Casting Call sounds awesome!!!Were there lots of people there?

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