Beach Trip

By: Owen

Beach Trip

I told you last time I would tell you about our trip to the beach.  It’s nice to dream of the beach in February, and I enjoyed looking through the photos again!

We stayed in Town Bank NJ, near Cape May.  On our drive we decided to stop in Ocean City, NJ to spend time at the boardwalk and enjoyed a lovely afternoon at Gillian’s Wonderland Pier.  Owen had so much fun!  He loved the boardwalk and we could barely keep up with him!

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After our day in Ocean City we headed to our house for the week.  As soon as we got the car unpacked we headed to the beach.  Even though it was chilly and getting dark, Owen was fearless.  He ran right into the water and got his clothes soaked.  I was amazed.  The last time Owen was at the beach he was only 4 months old so I fully expected him to be a little bit afraid of the waves.  He proved me wrong!

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The next day we went to the beach again.  Owen’s Daddy created a game where he would walk into the water and Owen would run at him and jump into his arms.  They had so much fun!  Justin is always coming up with ways to trick Owen into doing physical therapy.


Beach Trip.9 Beach Trip.10


In addition to all the fun days at the beach, we spent one afternoon at the Cape May Lighthouse.  I was so nervous that we would end up having to carry Owen up the steps but once again, he proved me wrong!  He walked up every one of those steps to the very top of the lighthouse.  It was amazing to watch.  I was so proud of him!  When we were told after Owen’s diagnosis he might never walk, I could never have imagined he would be climbing to the top of lighthouses.

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