Becky’s Book

By: Becky

Becky’s Book

How Bullying

Victims Feel

Written by Becky Hunt

Illustrated by Sarah Hunt

This book is dedicated to Mona Crickmore

who inspired me to be a writer.


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About the Author

Becky Hunt was born in 1993 and resides in Cambridge, Ontario with her parents.

At the age of two Becky was diagnosed with an abnormality of Chromosome 18

which caused her some medical issues as well as learning disorders.

Becky has always loved to read and write. She has been inspired to become a

writer by her tutor Mrs. Crickmore.

Unfortunately Becky knows too well how bullying victims feel. She has had wonderful

support from her teachers on learning how to deal with bullies, and support

in her home from her parents and big sister. She hopes that this book will help others

that are being bullied to seek help.

Becky Hunt is quoted as saying “I wrote this book to make others feel that they are

not alone.”

About the Illustrator

Sarah Hunt is a graduate of the graphic design program from Conestoga College in

Kitchener, Ontario. Sarah’s illustrations were inspired by Becky’s original sketches.

She is happy to have collaborated with her little sister on the first published book

for both of them.

Sarah is currently a Special Olympics coach, works with an autistic child as a support

worker and has been actively involved in the Canadian branch of the Chromosome

18 Support Group.


Auhor”s Note

Bullying is something that shouldn’t happen, but does. Bullying is hurtful to the

victims. I know, since I have been a victim since grade 5. No one should have to suffer

through the pain.

The feelings in the book were things I felt when I was being bullied. I felt like everyone

hated me and didn’t want me in that school. I wanted to run away, and wanted

to hurt myself. The worst was not feeling safe at school.

I tried many different ways to stop the bullying and finally got the courage to stand

up for myself. Trust me, people who are bullying will back off if you confront them,

and there is help available from friends, teachers and parents.

I wrote this book to get my feelings out and to tell others they are not alone, even

if they feel very alone. Hopefully you will learn about the results of bullying from

this book. I hope this book will help some kids stand up or tell someone what is

happening, so they can get help, and start feeling better.

Teachers Note

Becky’s book, How Bullying Victims Feel, gives us a poignant look at the consequences

of bullying. Sharing from her own personal experiences, Becky communicates

an important message with validity and honesty. In my classroom,

How Bullying Victims Feel was used to initiate a discussion concerning the nature

and consequences of bullying. This book shares a message that needs to be told

and responded to by children and adults alike. Thank you Becky, for sharing your

experiences, you inspire others to do their part to stop bullying, making the world

a better place for us all.

Donna Pilkington

Blair Road School, Cambridge, Ontario


Copyright © Becky Hunt 2009

Illustration Copyright © Sarah Hunt 2009

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any

form or by any means without the prior written permission from the publisher, or, in the case of photocopying

or other reprographic copying, permission from Access copyright,

Printed and Bound in Canada.

ISBN: 978-1-55307-065-8


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