Becky’s chromosome 18 road trip

By: Becky

Hi everyone 

I just got back from a fun trip, As many of you know I was born with a rare genetic disorder called 18p- which mean the top is missing from my chromosome. My mom, dad and I went on a road trip to Colorado camping in the trailer. During the car ride I made a lot of star-fish with loom band since the starfish is our symbol. Our first camping destination was terra haute where my dad unloaded the trailer and my mom and I went to order supper. After supper we had ice cream. On the road on Monday July 15 I got to try my first fr’eal milk shake. I chosed pina colada and it was good. Pretty neat watching the machine do all the work. Our next stop was Goodland to see a giant easel of a sun flower painting. I found a rock with a sun flower painted on it. On juky 16 we made it to fountain Colorado which was fun. The koa camp ground was amazing. Had a nice splash pad, pool and hot tub.July 17 we drove around to look at the mountains we went into a place called woodland park. We drove up pikes peak and got donuts from on top of the mountain.

JuLy 18 we decided to do the garden of gods which was neat. Later we went to cripple creek which was really cool. I even went on an old steam train. On the Friday my dad and I decided to go on an adventure. We went to seven falls which was an interesting experience. We got on a shuttle bus,had to,walk to get our tickets, walked imto the park after getting our tickets. Got to,do,some gold panning which was neat. Then we walked to the stair case while looking at the mountains and the scenery. We had to climb 224 steps to the top which was crazy. We stopped halfway where they had a viewing area to get a drink. Then we climbed the rest after we got our breathe back. We made it to the top and had another drink and a well deserved rest before heading back down. On the land we walked backed to the shuttle and got,our car and drove away. I got to go on a wagon ride which was fun. Having supper out with my mom,dad our friend Marianna and me.July 20 eating my ice cream sundae at the ice cream social. During the night we had crazy winds while walking back from the ice cream social which was funny. We also played candy bar bingo which was lots of fun but didn’t win any game. July 21 packed up the trailer and went to the conference hotel. We got to see deer in the parking lot when we parked.

We went to Wendys for lunch and were laughing at bacon signage on our drinks. We had an amazing view from our hotel room when we finally got one. On July 23 we went to the zoo in the afternoon which was cool. I got to feed the giraffes which was very cool. We got to see a black bear cooling off in the water. We got to see two porcupines,orangutan,gorillas,lions,elephants,zebras and lots more. We made it back to the hotel for a bit of free time and to get ready for our night out as self advocates. We got to ride on this really cool bus. On Wednesday we did our panel practice . Then we went into a big conference room to listen to the speaker. Then it was time for our panel were we answered different questions. After the panel we went back into our room where we had another speaker which was phoebe kochis who has Down syndrome and is an amazing dancer. Then it was time for lunch. My mom and I with our friends decided to go to crackle barrel for lunch which was nice. Then it was time for the best part the dance. I even got to sit at s table with a couple of my friends it was fun. I danced for a bit then left because we had to leave early the next morning to make our way back home. One of the KOA Campground was near a nascar track talk about noisy neighbors.

July 27 we kept driving until Middlebury where we found this unique restaurant which had amazing food. Hanging out in the car with my shark and bunny.

On Sunday after a long drive we made it home. We unloaded a couple of things and had Swiss Chalet for dinner and i had a bath and went to bed.On Monday was a nice do nothing day. Then Tuesday I went back to normal and went to work then when i got back I had the house a bit to myself. Then our friends the girls went to the farmers market in the morning while the boys explored the mall. The girls made it back before the boys. On Tuesday afternoon we decided to walk to short stop to try the f’real milkshake machine. It was lots of fun and can’t wait to try more flavours. Then my mom, came to pick us up since she had to do grocery shopping. Then we drove back home.

On Wednesday i decided to show my friend my favourite donut place red eye cafe. She was impressed then we went into mastermind toys and I bought my friend and myself a pikmi pop. I got the bunny and she got the lamb. Then we went back home. Took a dip in the pool for a bit which was fun. Then went inside and hanged out. On Thursday we all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways. That Thursday after work I decided to go to the theatre by bus all by myself which was fun. I got to see Greece which was an amazing play. Then I hanged out with my friends at the food trucks.

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