Becky’s Intro

By: Becky

Becky was born in 1993 and resides in Ontario, Canada with her parents.  At the age of two, Becky was diagnosed with a deletion on Chromosome 18 that caused her some medical issues as well as learning disorders. As a child growing-up, she was unfortunately teased and bullied, but she was lucky to have support from family and teachers.  Becky has always loved to read and write and decided to write a book about bullying. Her reason:  “I wrote this book to make others feel that they are not alone.”  Becky is now in her first year of College.

Becky’s sister Sarah is a graduate of the graphic design program from Conestoga College in Ontario, Canada.  Sarah’s illustrations were inspired by Becky’s original sketches.  She is happy to have collaborated with her little sister on the first published book for both of them!


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