Before the Canadian Chromosome 18 Reunion

By: Becky

A couple days before the reunion we had some friends come and stay before the reunion. It was a lot of fun. On Wednesday our first group of friends came in the afternoon and it was nice to see them. On Thursday morning my mom made an amazing breakfast then after a bit we got ready to go to the St. Jacobs market which was cool. I bought some maple syrup candy. My mom also bought some fudge which is really delicious. Then after walking around the market we went to another location. We have a store called picard peanuts where they sell chip peanuts in different flavours. I got a bunch of different little packs known as samplers to see which one I like the most. We also got some drinks and I got chocolate covered blueberries which are amazing. Then after our running around we just hanged out at our house. For supper we went to a restaurant called the old marina which is a restaurant that sits near a lake which is a pretty neat sight to see. Then we went back and just relaxed and chatted. Then I got ready for bed. On Friday I didn’t do much I stayed at the house in the morning and just had cereal for breakfast. After breakfast I just watched some YouTube video. For lunch I just had a peanut butter sandwich. Then we went to the mall to go see the new minions movie which was lots of fun with my local friends. I never laughed so hard and want to see the movie again.  Then I got home and just did some alone time and watched YouTube videos. Then it was supper time. For Saturday I had a small breakfast and said goodbye to one of the groups of friends that stayed with us since they wanted to experience Niagra Falls together as a family. It was a pretty nice relaxing day since all we had to do was put our clothes in suitcases. On Sunday in the afternoon we were on our way to the reunion.


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