Best Buddies Club

My best buddies Halloween party was so much fun. They play “Sexy” and I know, more songs.  The president of the best buddies club invites all the schools to come join us but all of the schools were busy. Only one school could come and it was Bel Air high school. I saw two of my camp friends there.  There was another party up in the cafeteria too. To get face painting but I don’t like face painting. It was so hot in the cooking room.  I was dressed up as a firefighter, Sara was a Dalmatian, and Chloe was another firefighter.  There was a haunted hallway but I didn’t go in there. Mrs. Hildebrand was a stink bug because my friend Danielle hate them so much.  Mrs. Devwlin was a raven I bet my friends Ivy and Danielle didn’t like that because they taper steelers fan.

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