Best Days

By: Grace

Hi bloggers

i just had one of the best days ever. Here is my story:

Today I went to church and sang in the choir like I always do.  After church Mom & I went to the zoo. I kind of like the zoo.  I would like it better if I wasn’t so afraid of peacocks.  At our zoo, peacocks just wander around.  I get very anxious at the zoo because I never know when a peacock will show up.  They make a loud noise too.  I think they scare me because I use a wheelchair and they just seem to be coming at me.  One time I went into the zoo cafe and my mom said that peacocks don’t go in there.  Of course a peacock came up to me when I was eating.  So Mom was wrong.

To help me get over my fear of peacocks I have to start practicing going to the zoo and looking at them.  Today was my first day. I was nervous but I kept calmer than usual.  I got within 10-12 feet of the peacock.  When the peacock started coming towards me I ran, but really I did  fine so before we left Mom said since I did a great job  I could get a stuffed animal. I got a manatee. I am trying to decide on a name.

Do you have any fears?


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