Big Book REPORT!

By: Owen

Big Book REPORT!
Homework in second grade is NO JOKE!  Owen had this big book report due, with very specific instructions on how to build the “body” of the report and exactly what needed to be written where.  The reports were called character book reports and each one was designed to look like the students favorite character from the chapter book they chose.  We got permission from Owen’s teacher to use his favorite book, Super Mario Adventures, which is more of a graphic novel but far exceeded the page minimum that was required for the report.

Owen was thrilled and so proud of his report.  Frankly, his daddy was pretty proud too and he worked very hard on it with Owen.

The one thing that was left up to the students was the creative element of the book report.  They could do anything they wanted but one suggestion was to add a prop for the character to carry that would tell something about them.  Well Owen (or his daddy) couldn’t be satisfied with just giving Mario a wrench to carry so everyone would know he was a plumber.  So they worked hard on summarizing the most important part of the book and creating a video for his class to watch.  I may have been roped into playing Princess Peach in the video (aside from the one line that Daddy added suddenly and with no warning into the recording.)
In the past when we’ve made a video for one of Owen’s assignments we’ve just emailed the file to his teacher but we decided to post this one on Youtube.

When Justin showed Owen that his video was on Youtube, Owen was thrilled!  He loves watching videos and once told us his dream was to be a Youtube star when he grows up.  He ran through the house yelling about his video, “I’m on Youtube!!!”

My dream for this blog has always been that Owen will one day take over and tell you his own stories, in his own words.  I love sharing his adventures with you and telling you what my experience is as Owen’s mommy but this is all me, my words, not his.  I can guess how he feels in certain situations, I can share with you stories of happiness or talk to you about how to treat people who are different, from my point of view as a mom but I’m not sharing with you Owen’s thoughts and words.  We haven’t yet reached the point with his writing that he could do that.  But I’ve been thinking a lot about making videos for you, for the blog.  What types of things would you like to see and hear about from Owen’s life?  He loves giving house tours and I’m sure would love to make a house tour video for you.  What other types of adventures would you like to see?
I’ll still write to you about our lives but I want this to be a space where you get to know Owen more personally.  What do you think?

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