Emilee’s Birthday Party

Emilee’s Birthday Party

I was at my friend Emilee’s 10th birthday party. She is my cheer friend since she was 4 years old. We had so much fun. Her favorite is strawberry cake. But I like chocolate cake. She loves ICarly.

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I played bingo at the birthday party and I won a prize. I picked a calendar so mom can put stars when I do something special. I drank soda at the party.

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I was at my friend’s birthday party. I was showing my friends Vito and Marty how I solve puzzles on Wheel of fortune game.

Emilee's BP.5

Me and my friend Maria. We are cheering together for 6 years.

Emilee's BP.6

I was being silly eating the birthday cake at the party yesterday. I don’t like strawberry cake.


My friend Marty.

Emilee's BP.8

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