Blog post for the week of February 4

By: Rachel

Blog post for the week of February 4

Things I’m grateful for in my first 2 1/2 weeks of school 

1. Since this is my second semester of grad school, I now know what to expect, and I know that I can do things that seem impossible since I did them last year, so it hasn’t been as stressful. For example, sometimes I’ll need to learn multiple guitar songs the night before I lead the class with them, or I’ll have hours of reading to write a “Reading Assignment” on, which is especially hard when I’m tired because I see a lot more double. I also know that only God helps me get those impossible things done because I have absolutely no idea how I succeed sometimes. Here’s a picture of some of my fun homework for grad school! :)









2. I got to catch up with someone who has been living abroad for a couple years, and it reminded me of when we hung out in college. It was so sweet!







3.   I’ve LOVED writing for the PEARLS blog. That’s definitely been a highlight. :)






4.  Last week, I found out that I will be receiving a $3,000 scholarship from LearningAlly, an audio book program that I use. I had completely forgotten that I applied for this scholarship, so I’m still in a happy kind of shock that this actually is happening! (If you’re a college or grad student with visual impairments or dyslexia, check this program out because they have the “College Success Program” where you can get the service for free!)








5. I started a Bible study with some friends last Thursday (right after I found out about the scholarship, so I was a bit excitable that night!), and we will have it every week.












6. I have been having a really good phone conversation every week with a friend.





7. I’m thankful that I’ve been able to help some people. I didn’t know that God was using me, but from some comments people made, I know He was last semester, so He must be this semester, too! Sometimes I am there when people need to talk, or sometimes I make friends with  people in different places, and I love working in the Sunday school class at my church for adults with developmental disabilities. I love it so much!











8. I hang out with my friend Lydia every Wednesday afternoon, and then we go to church, and I got to join choir this semester! We sang a couple of Sundays ago. I love the community!







9. I caught up with a couple of friends from my undergrad yesterday–well, it was more of a homework party. :) But it was good to hang out. Emily graduated in December, and the picture of Lauren and me with fancy dresses dress is from almost exactly a year ago when we performed in a concerto-aria competition together.










10. My friends at school are such a blessing! They are supportive, sensitive, and really inclusive. 












11. My cat still sleeps on my bed and is 17 and 7/12 now.

















12. I love my piano students. I have 11 right now and am hoping for more next year.







13. I’m taking a class called Disability, Music, and Society, which combines so many of my favorite interests!








14. I got a pink sparkly water bottle. It’s a very long story, and I’d been wanting it for months. Last semester, I bought it from Herberger’s for $8, which I got discounted from $26. I got home, and days later, I was going to wash it but noticed that the mouth piece wasn’t on it. By the time I brought it back to the store during Christmas break, they were totally out! I was so disappointed. But, I emailed the company, and they kindly sent me a WHOLE NEW replacement. I love watching the glitter move when I turn it. :)







  1. Dave racer February 10, 2018 at 10:39 pm - Reply

    Tremendous to see how God is using you. Your joy in work, and the joy of discovery.

  2. Kiersten Zhang February 18, 2018 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    Love learning more about the things you do in your life!

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