Blogging from Positive Exposure

By: Talia

Today I went to the doctor for a follow up on my surgery to get a hearing aid put in behind my ear.  He took off the bandage and plastic cap that was covering my shaved hair. He also cleaned the area and put “sting medicine” on it.  During my surgery last Tuesday, I had anesthesia through an IV and of course I was brave!  I am glad that I got ear surgery aka “BAHA” surgery.

I read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green.  The book is about a girl who got cancer and she met a boy and they fell in love.

Now I’m at Positive Exposure blogging for Pearls Project!  I am visiting Rick, Cecilia, Wil and Buster the dog (lol!).  I am here with my mom.

This morning, there was a lot traffic in Fort Lee, NJ coming into NYC.  We took the subway once we got into the city.  While I waited for the subway, I bought a Teen Vogue magazine and the Disney Channel celebrity Zendaya is on the cover.

Tomorrow, I have school.  On Thursday, I’m going to the aquarium on a school field trip.  I’m a freshman in Banyan High School.  My favorite teacher is Mrs. Kinlin, my math teacher.  My favorite class is writing/literature/english taught by Mrs. DiGuiseppe.  Maybe Banyan High School should do blogging for the Pearls project.  Thanks for supporting me because I’m the girl who is going to hear better in 2 weeks!!!!

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