Boston for Spring Break

By: Byron

Man I wish spring break went longer. Todays my last day of spring break. I have spent it in Boston at my dad’s house. I am at my dads office right now doing work but I did many things the past week while I was up here. Many days my dad worked in the morning then we went into Boston in the afternoon. My sister came up a few days after I did so while my dad was working my sister and I would do something. I may have mentioned in my last blog that I dropped my computer and the screen cracked. I am very happy now because I took it to the Apple Store and they replaced the entire top half of my computer. Recently my sister has been accepted to MIT in Boston. My dad is an Alumni of MIT. Where he lives is only a half an hour away. We took her there to look around. Another thing we did was that we went to the Boston Ballet now understand my dad and I went only because my sister wanted to go. During it I was eating pretzels and drinking Coke to stay awake. There was a time during the ballet where my dad and I were both sound asleep. My sister knew we were asleep, but we told her we were in very deep thought thinking about the ballet. The last big thing that happened was that yesterday when my dad and I returned home from his office there was a note in the mailbox from Warner Brothers stating that they were interested in the outside of my dads house for being in an upcoming movie that they are making. In all my spring break has been very fun.

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