Boston Run to Remember

By: Byron

Last weekend was a lot of fun it was Memorial Day weekend and it was the first time that I had ever participated in a real deal run. I ran a 5 miler in the Boston Run to Remember, which honored the police department and military veterans. Even though I didn’t run the half marathon it was still fun to participate in something that was the real deal, which I’ve never done before. The next day my dad and I went to Six Flags New England where were hoped to ride the roller coaster that opened a few weeks ago but the line when we got there was already over two hours long. We decided to go on the other roller coasters that day and we would go back during a weekday to ride on the new roller coaster. The following Wednesday because I get out of school at 11 AM on those days we drove to six Flags and went on the new roller coaster. It was a lot of fun because there were no lines for any rides, which is very rare whenever we go to the park.

This coming weekend will be lots of fun because I’m going to New York City to see my sister. She is doing an internship at Columbia this summer working on malaria treatment. While there we are going to go to the observation deck at the one World Trade Center which just opened. She also wants to see the new movie Pitch Perfect 2, which we are going to go see. Other than that we are just going to be hanging out in New York, which will be lots of fun. That will be my fun weekend because the weekend after that I’m taking the ACT’s.

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