Weekend in Boston


Two weekends ago, I went up to Boston with my family to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox. We stayed over at my parent’s friends house until Sunday. During Friday night, I went to the Yankees game with my parents and their two friends. In the first inning, when Ellsbury got up first, most fans were booing him but when A-Rod got up third, everyone was booing and then it got even louder when he smacked a homerun. A few innings later, a lady got hit by a foul ball in the head really hard and she was bleeding a lot, so the security had to put her in a wheel chair and push her out of the stadium. She had to get 4 stitches. My favorite team won by four and it was a great game. The next day, my sister, brother and his friend came up and once they arrived to the house, we went to play mini golf with my dad and his friend. I got two holes in ones, but I only came in second place because my dad’s friend came in first. Then, later that night I went to another Yankees game with my parents, brother, sister, my brother’s friend, and my sister’s friend from college who met up with us at the game. The same thing happened like the other game in the first inning. The Yankees lost by two but I still had lots of fun. The next day my family and I went back home.

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