By: Talia

My Day:

Today I had a bowling game with Greta, Erica, Michelle, Kaitlin (volunteer at Special O’s), Michelle’s mother (coach at Special O’s), Meredith (volunteer at Special O’s) and Hannah (volunteer at Special O’s).

I was fourth place at bowling, so I got a fourth place medal from the volunteers and coach.

After the game, I went to see Caroline (my younger sister), Dax (Caroline’s bestie) and Laura (Mother’s bestie).  Caroline was hanging out at Dax and Laura’s apartment near French Roast Cafe. We watched a few TV shows.   On the way to see Caroline, I saw a celebrity that looks like the same person in the Holiday.

After we went to Dax and Laura’s apartment, Joey (my middle brother) and mother walked up 6 blocks to the car. After that, I went home to New Jersey and my father was there except for our new aupair Malin and her bestie Olivia.

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