My best friend (Reyna) kept hurting someone that would sometimes bump into me on line at recess. It was really bothering me–it wasn’t right what my friend was doing. My mom always said that bullying is not only the person that does the wrong thing but those who see it happen and don’t say anything…so, I decided to say something to my friend.

As a result of my telling my friend she wasn’t being nice, she and I are in a huge fight. She won’t admit she was wrong. She won’t apologize to me or the other person. She’s not talking to me anymore either. She’s sent me two unkind notes. I am very upset by this. I haven’t wanted to go to school.

Despite all this junk I have to deal with and the fact that I lost my best friend—I wouldn’t change telling her that what she was doing was wrong.  The girl (Maggie) that kept bumping me apologizes and doesn’t mean to bump me, she gets pushed.

I’m quite stressed about this but know it’s the right thing. You ever have something like this happen to you?

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