Busy Season

I am sorry that I haven’t written lately, it was a busy, and depressing holiday season. This is how the season came and went for me:

  • November 21st:  It’s a year after Oliver! opened.
  • November 22nd:  The Music Man closed, or ended.
  • November 26th:  It’s Thanksgiving!!!
  • December 5th:  My dad takes my friend and I to see a production of Into The Woods.
  • December 5th:  Late at night: I wake up at about 10:30 realizing I fell asleep without a blanket. I go downstairs because I know some are down there.  I pass my rabbit, Quigley, and she’s not moving, after waking my mom and dad up for help we discovered that she passed away.
  • December 6th:  We bury Quigley, and it’s the first night of Hanukkah.
  • December 7th:  It’s a year after Oliver! closed.
  • December 13th:  It’s the last night of Hanukkah.
  • December 20th:  I see my friend, Zara, in Shrek: The Musical.
  • December 21st:  The family’s rabbit, Charlie, turns 1!!! And Winter Break begins!!!
  • December 22nd:  It’s a month after The Music Man closed.
  • December 24th:  It’s Christmas Eve and we go over to our Aunt and Uncle’s for dinner.
  • December 25th:  It was a Fairly Merry Christmas- it was 20 days after Quigley’s death.
  • January 1st:  It was 2016!
  • January 2nd:  We have friends over and end up sleeping over at their house
  • January 4th:  It is Monday, Winter break is officially over!
  • January 5th (today):  It has been a month since Quigley passed, an interesting month. So that’s how my holiday season happened. Hope yours was more merry and bright!

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