Camp Jones

By: Mia

Camp Jones

This past week my family and I went to visit my grandparents, Nana and Baca, and my cousins

for our annual cousin camp that we call Camp Jones! I was really worried it would not happen

this year due to the worry of the virus, but our parents decided it would be fine since we had

all been pretty much quarantined for at least a month or two maybe even more. We were all so

excited to see my Nana and Baca since we had not seen them since Christmas! At camp Jones

we usually have “field trips” to places like the zoo, a pool, a restaurant, or even a few museums,

but this time we just stayed at the house and one of my cousin’s houses nearby to be safe. Since

we didn’t go places we had one big group activity everyday and for the rest of the time we just

hung around and caught up with family. We were supposed to head up to my grandparents’

house last Tuesday, but my brother had to go to the ER unexpectedly and ended up having a skin

infection from falling the other day and we had to go to my Nana’s house on Wednesday instead.

Wednesday was the day everyone got there, so we just sat around and talked. On Thursday we

had a movie night! We watched Ms. Doubtfire, a movie about a dad who dresses up as a nanny

to be around his kids, it was hilarious, I loved it! On Friday we went over to my cousin’s house

and swam in their pool and went on their trampoline for a bit. We went back to the house and

had a surprise pizza party for my grandparents’ 49th wedding anniversary. They were so excited,

we had even made them a bunch of cards. On Saturday we made homemade ice cream and

brownies and surprised my cousin, Reese, early for her 16th birthday. I took Reese on a wild

goose chase to find some sweet tea while everyone else set up the table and cards for her

birthday. Sunday we had to leave, but before we left we ended up having a last minute party for

my dog, Zoe’s first birthday party and then we had to leave. Everyone was sad to leave because I

think that was the most fun we have had in months! I’m so glad I got to visit with everyone and I

can’t wait till we get together again.

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  1. Katherine October 17, 2020 at 7:00 pm - Reply

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