Friday October 15, I went camping with my mom, dad,Mrs. Julie, Mr. Dennis, Mrs. Fran, Mr. Mike and Angela. Of course we brought the dogs, Biscuit, Lily and Tristan. On Friday we got there later but we still ate dinner together. Of course there was a fire pit area. Even though we had different cabin it was still a good time. On Saturday October 16, some of us went for a walk to the beach which was a nice day to walk. Angela, Mrs. Fran and Mr. Mike went to the store to get things. Then it rained and decide to have dinner in our cabin since it was the biggest. Mr. Dennis went to the store when it was raining. It was still nice but we still had a fire in the fireplace. That was pretty good idea that Mr. Dennis brought the log. Sunday October 17 we went to do a crafts which we made pumpkin out of toilet paper. Then we went to camp store because I never been there before. Then we walk over to see where the homey-bee were. Angela found a turtle and pick it up. Angela and I went in the Discovery center since we never been in there. While we were doing that, Mrs. Fran was getting ready for my mom birthday party. When we came back from the walk. Angela said we are getting Lily. We stay to work on the cowboys hats which was chocolate covered Pringles with Rolo and twizzlers. That was awesome idea. Then we went back to the fire area. Then it was time to get ready for my mom birthday party. I left the cabin to see if they needing help. My dad didn’t even know my mom left. We got dress up for the Western theme. My dad went to get my mom for her birthday party. My mom loved her birthday party. During the camping trip I decide to collect acorn for my friends because she could do something with them with her kids that she teach them. Monday October 18 we had to leave to go home. We were all sad to leave but we all had a good time.

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