Hi! My name is Emily and I am currently 12 [...]


My Intro!

Hi everyone! My name is Talia and my hometown is [...]

My Intro!2018-10-10T15:19:20-04:00

Rasheera’s Intro Hi there, my name is Rasheera Dopson and I [...]

Rasheera’s Intro2018-05-18T18:11:37-04:00

About Megan

Favorite activities: Taking pictures, sewing, baking and painting nails. Favorite [...]

About Megan2017-12-30T18:36:35-05:00

Intro Paragraph

When I am not in classes or doing homework for [...]

Intro Paragraph2017-12-30T17:13:03-05:00

Maggie’s Favorites

Favorite Hobby: Shopping and Baking Favorite TV show and/or movie: [...]

Maggie’s Favorites2017-05-22T17:09:01-04:00

Lucia’s Favorites

Favorite Activity/hobby: Dancing and art/craft Favorite TV show and/or movie: [...]

Lucia’s Favorites2017-05-22T16:30:29-04:00
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