By: Emily

Hi! My name is Emily and I am currently 12 years old. I turn 13 in July! I am in the 7th grade so basically during the week my days starts and ends with school.  On the weekends I get to sleep in (which is my favorite) and I usually stay in bed until my parents make me get up. I do not have any siblings but I have two dogs. One is more like my dads dog, his name is General Sam Houston (We call him Sammie) and the other dog is mine, she is a Maltipoo and her name is Stella. She is about 5 lbs. She just turned one in March. I am in debate in school, and I love being able to argue and win awards for it. I want to continue in debate and do it competitively in high school as well.
I enjoy video games and my favorite game series is The Legend of Zelda! I am pretty much an expert on the topic  My dad and I always try and beat each other at those games. We are very competitive. 
Summer time is my favorite because of all the things I get to do. Every year my family goes to Garner State Park and that is a lot of fun. I also get to go to Camp for All it is in Texas and on the week that I go it is for kids like me with skin conditions. My favorite thing to do there is the zip lining and this year I am old enough to do the ropes course, I am finally old enough this year! I love being able to go to camp because I’m able to see all of my friends.

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