By: Rachel


I’ve lived in my very own studio apartment for over a year now! My kitties make me enjoy it.

Buttercup is 10 and is very snuggly. She sits on my lap during the day and sleeps by my head at night.

Missy is 3 and is very caring and brave. Even though she and Buttercup don’t get along (well, Buttercup doesn’t get along with any kitties), she reached out to Scrawny and licks her to make sure she’s clean.  She also plays with Scrawny and gets concerned if I cry or am in pain. She is very curious about my bubble bath time and snuggles with me a little bit– so I feel especially honored when she does.

Scrawny is 2 and thinks she’s a kitten and is friendly to everyone.  She’s not super snuggly except in the morning before I feed her, but she’s never in a bad mood. As soon as you touch her,  she purrs. She’ll play with almost anything and runs to the door with Missy when she hears my key.


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  1. Positive Exposure October 19, 2019 at 10:59 pm - Reply

    Such a beautiful Family!!!

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