Championship Game to Poetry

By: Byron

The last few days have been very busy. On Saturday night I went to my schools Championship game. It was a very exciting game, but unfortunately the other team lost which means WE WON. I was very happy. Afterwards I went with a friend to a party. We stayed for about ten minutes then left. Luckily we were near a place with lots of restaurants. We walked to a restaurant and got something to eat. Eventually at 11:30 at night I got home I crashed after I got back. From cheering at the game to celebrating afterwards it was one fun night. Currently I am working on a analysis paper for English class. We had to read a poem and write 3 full pages. The poem I read is only 20 lines long. At first I was thinking how am I ever going to write 3 full pages on a 20 line poem. I forgot to mention if my teacher doesn’t think its to the bottom of the 3rd page we get a zero for the entire assignment. I better get back to work on that. That’s all for now.

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