Christmas Traditions

By: Grace

Christmas Traditions


A few weeks ago, I went to a play for our annual Christmas tradition. I only went with my Dad this year.  I went to go see Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol at Playhouse in the Park in Mt. Adams. I have been going to this play since I was six years old. This year was a new version of the story.  I did not really like it. It was a little bit scarier and not as funny as past years. My favorite ghost was the ghost of Christmas past. My favorite person is Belle.  She is Scrooge’s first love. I can’t wait to see what they do next year.

For another family tradition, I went with my parents to the Krohn Conservatory’s Holiday displays.  They have a partially live nativity seen which has been done every year since 1959.  Throughout the Krohn there were models made out of twigs and mostly natural materials that represent different buildings in Cincinnati and a historical incline scene too.  It was so beautiful with lots of lights and pointsettas too.

Happy holidays

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