Christmas Week

On Monday I went shopping with my brothers to find Christmas presents for my mom. It was pretty quick because my mom gave us a list of what she wanted for presents. When I got home from shopping I was surprised to see I got a present from one of the teachers at the school. She gave me a nice handbag.

On Tuesday I got another present and it was from one of my mom’s students (the girl we gave the Barbie to). She gave me a journal and pen. It turns out that it was a perfect gift because I am using the journal to write in so I can write my blogs.

On Christmas Eve day I had to work at the grocery store. It was crazy busy. I only had to work 2 hours but I really didn’t want to work on Christmas Eve day because no one else in my family had to work. We went to an early Christmas mass and had a nice dinner together. Because I eat through the stomach tube I don’t eat but my family had crab legs and they seemed to really enjoy it.

Christmas was great! I got all the presents I asked for. My brothers made out pretty well too. My younger brother got a self-balancing board (hover board) and my older brother got an Apple watch. My mom, dad and brothers were able to ride the balancing board. I tried it with my mom holding onto me but it was too hard for me.

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