Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Tentative class schedule: This is definitely subject to change.  Very different from a high school schedule. ;)

I’m currently switching majors for a third time.  My college career has been Math -> Neuroscience -> French

I’m hoping this will be the last time I switch…I can only take two french courses because they re the “elementary level” for the major in French Studies.

FREN310W = Writing Skills (for French language, W is a course that has a heavy writing component and 3 courses with a “W” are required for graduation)

FREN314 = What is Interpretation? (analyzing French literature)

LING 101 = History of American Languages

LING 201 = Foundations of Linguistics

LING 318 = Second Language Acquisition

PE 232 = Cycling (one of my favorite things to do)

Class Schedule

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