Conference 2015

By: Becky

Hey everyone I went to the annual conference which was a lot of fun.  It was a little annoying try to get to Salt Lake City but we made it.  The hotel was so nice and friendly.  I got to chat with my friends and I enjoyed it so much.  I even got my photo done by Rick Guiddoti on Monday.  Then on Tuesday I had an amazing t-shirt on for his talk so I showed him.  For the dinner out we went to cheesecake factory which was amazing.  I had an amazing meal and it was a lot of fun hanging with my friends.

The next day we went to the National ability center in the afternoon which was a lot of fun.  I got to try many different activities like biathlon, archery and low ropes.  The dinner at the national ability center was amazing and afterward we went on a coach bus back to the hotel.  Then I hanged out in the lobby since the pool was in complete chaos.  After a little while I decided to go back to the hotel room to go to bed.

The last day of the conference was just okay.  We did the self-advocate panel where we answer questions from parents of younger kids with the same disorder.  Then it was just free time.  After talking with my friends for a little bit.  Then my dad, my friend Ashley and I went to this restaurant Pizza Studio for lunch and it was really good.   Then we went to look around the Disney store before heading to the hotel.  When we got to the hotel we had to wait for the others to finish their lunch.  Then we headed over to the movie theatre to see Inside Out.  It was just okay since I have already seen the movie before.  After the movie we had to walk back to the movie theatre.  Then I got to the hotel and I was getting some water. We got to have our hair done for the dance.  My hair was French braided which was really cool.  Then I got my dress on and we partied.  I got to have fun with my other friends.

After the conference my family toured around Utah.  We went to Zion national park which was fun, then the next day we went to Bryce Canyon National park. The next day I decided to have a down day at the hotel.  The final day we went to do the Arches and then we headed back to Salt Lake City.  We got stuck behind a rock slide so it took us longer.  Lots of fun anyway.  Hope everyone else is having an amazing summer.

I will not be blogging for 2 weeks since I am off to camp this weekend.  My favourite camping activities are the dances, arts and crafts, sewing, drama and cooking.

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