Constant family struggle with my family/life with coronavirus.

By: Zach

Let’s just start off by saying this me and father kinda sorta don’t get along as well as I would like but we get along at times and all that. Me and my mother on the other hand get along better than me and my father. Like I am aware that I’m difficult to deal with. All my dad does is yell at me and my, and my mother likes when he’s sleeping. He likes dead silence, one ounce of noise will wake him no joke. And with the coronavirus it’s even harder as I’m trying to improve. My father is too busy bringing me down by being unbelievably nasty and downright disrespectful to me and it really hurts me. And when I try to get a word in its near impossible to get a word in with my family or for that matter to even to get your point across this is not a joke and it’s no laughing matter, another thing is that someone in my family has the virus and she’s elderly and a former holocaust surviver, and still has her identification number from her concentration camp days so she might not make it but i hope she does. And my other family members ex husband I know I’m gonna sound like a jerk saying this but my whole family is glad he’s dead,  we usually don’t like it when people die but he was an incredibly rude and disrespectful person on all major levels. As I wrap this one up, life is not so hot for me right now.

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