Coping well!

By: Aine

I’ve been coping well during lock down. Doing lots of exercise and gym work outs and I’ve been learning how to cook. My goal is to cook a dinner with out my mams help. I wanna leave on my on my own and be really independent in the future. Cooking is a important skill to have. I’ve been reading a lot of books one of my books was think like a warrior waiting on the 2nd book to that one. My mams friend ordered me one and she ordered me some markers there coming next week. If I feel down I head over to positive exposure Facebook page and I hear Rick Guidotti voice and he cheers me back up. And just been on the live chats brightens up my whole day so thanks so much you guys

Love from aine xx

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  1. Positive Exposure April 24, 2020 at 1:22 pm - Reply

    SO glad youre coping well. Cant wait to taste your cooking!!!

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