Demi Concert

Demi Concert

So once again I totally got behind on my updates.  :(

The Demi concert was AMAZING!!!  Thankfully my hearing aids did in fact arrive the day of the concert.  :)  My parents drove me out to the venue and stayed with me until the other girls got there.  They were a little late so we missed Fifth Harmony.  It kind of funny actually.  The other girls came in a different entrance than I did so it was a little complicated trying to meet up with them.  I had their tickets and the security people wouldn’t let them in so I had to go find them.  Luckily a guy working at the entrance I came in escorted me to where they were.  There were steps so he took the tickets down to them for me which saved some time.  There was an elevator but that would’ve taken a few more minutes.  Once the girls had their tickets we were escorted to our seats.  We had the section to ourselves!  We were far from the stage, but our view was a straight ahead of us.  We got to hear a few Little Mix songs which was cool.  I only knew one of them.  Then we had a 15 minute break until Demi came on stage.  The venue is set up really well for people with disabilities.  We started to stand in line for the bathroom (super long!!) until one of the workers told us there was another bathroom for guests with disabilities and their companions.  We headed over to the bathroom and it was empty except for a worker!  I think she was in there to enforce the rules that it was for guests with disabilities but I’m not 100% sure.  The last time I went to a concert at this place I was really impressed because there was another bathroom set up like this on the main floor.  That was a unisex one, so theoretically my dad (or a boyfriend haha) could go in the bathroom or even help me if needed.  After we used the bathroom we got something to drink and headed back to our seats.  We took a few pictures while we waited for Demi.  I also gave the girls the bracelets I made :)  Once Demi came on the stage everyone got super HYPER!!  It was AWESOME!!!  Demi sang songs from all of her different albums.  She even sang “Let it Go” from Frozen!!!  I/we love that movie so much.  :D  After the concert I was so tired.  My parents were waiting to pick me up once the concert was over.  My dad was mean (not really lol).  He was like “oh it looks like a middle school just got released for the day.  He was making fun of me/us for liking Demi even though we are older haha.  But oh well.  :It was totally worth it.  :)

Last week I had an opportunity to co-lead a workshop with a doctor/researcher that I’m working with as well as a girl I graduated with last year.  I am doing a small contract job with her related to web design and outreach for one of her research studies.  The workshop was related to completing research with community groups.  It lasted about 1.5 hours.  I presented some slides and introduced the group activity.  There were probably 60-70 people, maybe more.  Overall a great experience!

I hope you’re all doing well.  It’s kind of gloomy looking outside right now.  There was a lot of fog this morning- now it’s just blah looking outside.  It’s a good day to have a mocha, some leftover chicken & lemon rice soup, and catch up on different projects :)

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