Disney World

Disney World

I just went to Disney World with my dad.  We went January 18 to 22.  We went to Epcot. We rode on test track, Soarin’.  They were the best ride. Imanitany journey, Sea and with friend, Pirates of the Caribbean, and more rides.  We try going on Toys Mania but as soon as I got on it broke down, too bad. The restaurant we went to were 50 dine, be our guest and breakfast with characters. They were the best restaurants. The worst was fast food, not so great.  I got pictures I will send to you.

Alice at breakfast time.

Disney WorldPooh.  He kissed my head twice!

Disney World.2Tiger.

Disney World.3Mary Popins.

Disney World.4The Mad Hatter.

Disney World.5Beast with my dad.

Disney World.6






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