Dogsledding & Snowmobiling

By: Byron

In the last few weeks I have done a lot. I will give you a quick recap I’ve gone dogsledding, snowmobiling, I’ve gone to New York, and  I’ve gone to DC.

A few Fridays ago I went dogsledding in Maine. It was a lot of fun because I went to a friend’s house on a lake up in Maine. I stayed over at his house along with a bunch of other friends. On Saturday we drove an hour and a half to a national park where dogs and sleds were. Then we split into two groups one group went on the dogsleds for the first two hours while the others went snowshoeing. We then switched around and the other group went dog sledding while we went snowshoeing. My dad and I went on a sled together which was very interesting because none of the dogs listened but it was very fun. When we went snowshoeing it was hard because we had snowshoes on and I’ve never walked in snowshoes before and the energy that it used to walk was a great amount. The one funny thing about it was there were these giant icicles on rocks and we broke them off and either people started eating them or we threw them into the frozen lake. Once we got back from dogsledding a snowshoeing which we were gone for about nine hours we just sat back and relaxing and really didn’t do much. I was in a car with a lot of my older friends and we are about to watch “21 Jump Street” which is my favorite movie but then all the younger kids arrived which was too bad because then we had to watch “Lord of the Rings” which some people like but I don’t really find it that good. We then went to bed packed up the next morning and went home.

The following weekend my dad and I along with a few other friends went to Vermont to a ski resort called Jays Peak where we went snowmobiling for a day. Because of my arm I couldn’t drive a snowmobile but I did ride on the back of my dad’s snowmobile which was incredibly fun. We made sure we were right at the front where the guy who was the guide that was going very fast was so that we could also go fast. There was a point in the trail where it was incredibly steep and you had to go on only a few miles an hour or else we would fall off our snowmobile and when my friend went down he didn’t know that there is another part that was really steep so he gunned it and crash and some people thought that he was dead because he didn’t move for a while after he crashed. Throughout the day he ended up crashing five times and going the wrong way two times. After snowmobiling we went to the resort and they had an indoor water park with lots of water slides. There was one waterslide that I was the only person except for a few adults that went. The water slide had a vertical drop walking up the stairs to it I was incredibly nervous because I saw that you got into a chamber and they counted down 3 2 1 and then all of a sudden the floor drops and your gone. After doing it I wanted to do it again but I didn’t want to wait another half an hour in line to go on it. We weren’t staying at the resort so we got in our cars and drove about 45 minutes to our hotel. We slept then got up and went home.

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