Dr. Oz

By: Bailey

Dr. Oz

It’s amazing what happens when you let God lead your life.

Back in February, I had the incredible opportunity of being on Dr. Oz!  His team reached out to me after coming across the documentary that Barcroft Media did of me for their Shake My Beauty series.  It was a crazy couple of weeks as they were reaching out to me daily for video clips, photos, interviews, etc.  Then, they flew me to New York City the day before filming.  I felt like a celebrity as I was picked up by a driver, taken to my hotel room, had my own dressing room at the show, and again had a driver chauffeuring me around.  Not gonna lie, I was super excited that they brought me to the city early enough that I had several hours to enjoy my favorite city!  I even won the Broadway lottery to see Phantom of the Opera (which now that Broadway has been shut down due to the pandemic, I am even more grateful for that).  The day of filming was a whirlwind.  When I got there, I was whisked away for hair and make-up.  Then got a mic check, was given the questions I would be asked, and had some time to prep.  Once I got backstage, the time flew.  Before I knew it, I was on the tv set…my first time on a national television set!  Dr. Oz came over and greeted me.  He is so genuine and down-to-earth.  He greeted me with a huge hug and thanked me for coming on his show.  Then, he was off in his corner introducing me and we were on!  He was very attentive the entire interview and overall, I was very pleased with how it went.  It was an incredible honor to share not just my story, but to be a representative of the entire ichthyosis community and to give a glimpse into what life is like for us.  My episode was supposed to air in April, but due to Covid it got pushed back to July.  Here is the link to watch it.  It is in three segments.  Enjoy!


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