Dream Recast of Grease 1 and 2

By: Talia

Dream Recast of Grease 1 and 2

Grease 1 & 2 Characters (Recasting)- Talia’s version


Travis Kelce as Danny Zuko

Taylor Swift as Sandy Olsson

Brittany Mahomes as Rizzo

Patrick Mahomes as Kenickie

Selena Gomez as Frenchie

Katy Perry as Miss McGee

Jack Antnoff as Coach Calhoun

Miley Cyrus as Blanche

Gigi Hadid as Marty

Olivia Rodrigo as Vi

Kanye West as Vince Fontaine

Kim Kardashian as Teen Angel

Demi Lovato as Sonny

Margot Robbie as Jan

Jake Gynelhall as Putzie

Ryan Gosling as Doody

Sabrina Carpenter as Patty Simcox

Jennifer Lopez as Cha Cha

John Mayer as Leo “Crater Face”

Millie Bobby Brown as Nurse Wilkens

Harry Styles as Michael Carrington

Olivia Wilde as Stephanie Zinoni

Billie Eilsh as Dolores Rebchuck

John Taylor as Mr. Stuart

Gela Nash Taylor as Miss Mason

Scooter Braun as Johnny Nogrelli

Frankie Grande as Goose Mackenzie

Ethan Slater as Louis DiMucci

Liam Payne as Davey 

Ariana Grande as Paulette

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