Duran Duran fan fiction story

By: Talia

Duran Duran fan fiction story

Rio by Talia Grossman


Once upon a time, there was a woman named Rio who lived in the Rio Grande and she is 24 years old. She has a best friend named Talia, who lives in New York City and she is also 24 years old. They are princesses in the Royal Family in Sweden and their fandom Talrio. They are both Duranies, which is a fan name for the band Duran Duran and the song Rio is named after Talia’s friend, Rio. One day, they went to see the band in the city of New York and they were in the VIP section. They met the band members, John Taylor, who plays the bass, Roger Taylor, who plays the drums, Andy Taylor (former guitarist), back up vocalists Anna Ross and Rachael O’Connor, Dominic Brown (touring guitarist and DJ), Andy Hamilton (saxophonist), Nick Rhodes, who plays the synthesizer, Simon Le Bon, who is the lead singer, and their wives, Yasmin Le Bon (Simon’s wife), Gela Nash-Taylor (John’s 2nd wife), Amanda De Cadenet-Taylor (John’s 1st wife), Julie Anne Friedman-Rhodes (Nick’s ex wife), Giovanna Cantone-Taylor (Roger’s 1st wife), Gisella Bernales (Roger’s 2nd wife), and Tracey Wilson-Taylor (Andy’s wife). They also met Simon’s children: Amber, Saffron, and Tallulah, Andy’s children: Andy Taylor, Jr, Georgina, Beth and Izzy, John’s children: Atlanta, Travis and Zoe, Roger’s children: James, Elliott, Ellea and Julian, Nick’s children: Tatjana, and they were very kind to the ladies. The band sang their most famous songs: Rio, Hungry like the wolf, The Chauffeur (Sing Blue Silver), The Reflex, Danse Macabre, Black Moonlight, New Moon on Monday, Careless Memories, Friends of Mine, Notorious, Save a Prayer, Is There Something I should know?, Invisible, Ordinary World, Come Undone, Girls on Film, A View to a Kill (from James Bond’s A View to a Kill), Planet Earth, The Wild Boys, and many more songs they have sung in the last 40 years of their lifetime as Duran Duran. The VIP experience at the concert was amazing and they let us buy merch and win free goodies. Rio told Talia that everyone at the concert was so sweet and the band invited them to their home country, United Kingdom for their collaboration concert with up and coming artists such as Olivia Rodrigo, Sabrina Carpenter, Conan Gray, and their producer Nile Rodgers of the band Chic. Then, we both agreed on going to the collaboration concert and we noticed that Harry Styles is not on the list for the concert, because he is taking a break from music. Instead of Harry Styles attending the concert, we both agreed to perform at the concert and the band said yes to performing. Then, we were off to go to Birmingham, United Kingdom to visit the city and perform at the concert. On the day of the concert, the girls were performing Love Changes Everything by Michael Ball (from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Aspects of Love). The performance was spectacular and even the actor Michael Ball was there in the audience. Then after the concert, the girls went back to the country Sweden to visit the Royal Family and they saw Talia’s cousins: Anna E, Oskar E, Anna W, Erik, Ebba, Ingrid, Karin W, Karin M, Klara, Filippa, Sara, Anders, all of her cousins and her au pairs: Lotta, Jenna, Erika, and Amelie. The girls didn’t see Talia’s other au pairs: Nina and Sanna, because the au pairs were busy. The girls went to the ABBA museum and went to Pippi Longstocking Land and they had a great time. Eventually, the girls moved into Sweden, because the USA was dissolving and they didn’t like the violence in the USA. 

And they happily lived in Sweden and finally got boyfriends named Mattias and Alex. 

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