Easter Picnic

By: Jonah

Easter Picnic

This year for Easter we went for a picnic at the beach.  It wasn’t warm enough to swim yet.  We unusually go to my grandma’s house for an Easter egg hunt with my cousins but she lives too far away now.

Easter Picnic.1 Easter Picnic.3

Our picnic was so special with my family and my dog Maize got to come.  After the picnic we went on a hike and there were a lot of stairs.  I told my mom I was super tired so we walked a little more slowly than my sister and brother.  Sometimes I get very tired when I exercise because my muscles aren’t quite as strong as some kids.  I take my growth hormone medicine to help me be stronger.  I had to switch to a new medicine and it takes a long time to get that.  When I don’t take it for a long time, I start to feel more tired and not as strong.  I am glad it came in the mail this weekend.

Easter Picnic.2

My dad gave me a piggy back ride at the end because I could not use my legs anymore. He is a good dad. I am heavy.

Easter Picnic.4

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