EASTER Weekend

By: Mia

This past weekend my family and I celebrated easter. My family and all of my moms sisters and their kids and husbands go to my Nana and Bacas house for easter. We had school off on friday so we left to go to my grandparents house that day. It took a 4 hour drive to get to their house so in the car my siblings and I tryed to find all of the lisence plates for all of the fifty states on the way. We were the first ones to get there so we waited for my cousins to get there. Then we all ate dinner and then watched a movie about a gorilla living like a human. The next day my cousin and I got up early and had breakfast with the other cousins, then we went to the park and played other games outside. The next day my cousin and I got up early and watched a movie. Then all of the family got up and we all went to church. After church we had an easter egg hunt…there was a lot of candy!! Sadly after that we had to go home, but the weekend was really fun and i want to see my cousins again soon.😊

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