For Easter I went down to see my mommom in Delaware.  On Saturday my dad and I drove down to see her.  My aunt and uncle also came to Delaware.  My mommom had a Easter/Birthday for me and I got just what I asked for, a backpack purse.  Then my dad left to go home to get ready for Easter there.  We went to a place call Floaters and we played 5 Crowns.

We had to go to church because it was Easter and after we had Easter brunch.  On Monday I got some new clothes at Peebles.  I went to see Cinderella and it was a good movie.  Frozen Fever was at the beginning not at the end.  Frozen Fever was pretty good too.

While I was away, my dog, Biscuit missed me so much he wouldn’t eat his vanilla ice cream cake, which he loves.

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