Eden Mill

Eden Mill

Eden Mill was my last best buddies thing.  My best buddies Sara and Chloe came to it. So did other people but two seniors we suppose to show and they didn’t because they thought it was going to rain.  The two seniors band are Becky and Jessi.  Only one senior showed up and her name is Kristen.  I made 3 brackets for seniors but only Kristen got her.  There were 3 schools at Eden Mill and they are North Hartford High School, Bel Air High School, and  Fallston High School.  I get to see two of my camp friends Samantha and Laura.  Gwen came too even though she is only in 8th grade but she will be in best buddies next year.  I got to meet my best friend Ivy’s cousin and her boyfriend. There were hot dogs, chocolate chip cookies and s’mores but I eat the marshmallows by themselves. We went down to the river and got some pictures.  Danielle, Laura, Tyrea and Gwen left early because Danielle and Laura had cheerleading.  Everyone started to leave at 5.

Chloe, me and Sara.

Eden Mill.1Me and Sara.

Eden Mill.2 Justin, Sara, Chloe, and I.

Eden Mill.3

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